Mountain West Partnership Strategic Plan

Posted by on May 9, 2022 in news

In May 2022, the Mountain West Partnership (MWP) conducted a strategic planning process, which resulted in a Strategic Plan for recovering, restructuring, and building the resiliency of the MWP over the next five years.

A current state analysis shows that there are several strengths and opportunities to grow the organization and its influence in the region by focusing on building an Enterprise Ecosystem tailored to the needs of Small to Mid-sized Enterprises (SMEs), which is the right type and scale of business for the “product” that the seven-county area covered by the Mountain West Partnership – referred to as Region A – has to offer to maximize economic development.

The research included in this report summarizes Region A’s work and commuting habits and highlights opportunities to take advantage of our endemic workforce to create competitive advantages, while also indicating the industry clusters that offer the most opportunities for building regional business.

The focus is on building a new, full-time staffed Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with a set of initiatives to get the organization reformed and launched for success.

The full plan is available below:

MWP Strategic Plan 2022